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Academic Speaking

  1. Oxford Brookes University provides a variety of resources, including oral presentations, poster presentations, online communication and other resources related to oral expression.
  2. The Florida State University Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement Center provides collated oral expression resources provided by universities and scholars.
  3. The materials provided by the University of Edinburgh include: academic publications and other resources, as well as the materials required for presentation planning and publication.
  4. The spoken language corpus established by the English Language Institute of the University of Michigan in the United States includes the retrieval and search of academic spoken English.
  5. RMIT University in Australia provides related videos including academic oral briefings, as well as learning resources in PDF files.
  6. The University of Hull provides resources related to academic presentations, including presentation planning, design, oral expression, etc.
  7. The University of Melbourne in Australia provides resources for oral presentation, including: how to effectively conduct presentations, coping with the pressure of publication, presentation planning and structure, etc.
  8. Established by Andy Gillett, it provides academic English resources needed by higher education students. The content of the teaching materials includes all aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  9. The National Development Council provides English learning videos, articles, English broadcasts, learning resources, etc.
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