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Academic Writing

  1. The University of Manchester offers the resources needed by academic writers, and also provides PDF files for public viewing.
  2. Oxford Brookes University in the UK offers set-up, which covers academic writing, publishing, ethics and more.
  3. The University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom offers resources such as academic writing and publishing, as well as content on the skills students need when studying, such as note-taking and time management.
  4. Purdue University in the United States offers including writing resources, writing teaching materials, etc., and also provides online practice resources.
  5. The Language Assessment Institute of the University of Cambridge, UK, it provides online reading and writing exercises.
  6. RMIT University in Australia provides resources related to academic writing, including: academic writing formats and citations.
  7. The University of Hull in the United Kingdom provides resources for learning, academic writing, research and more.
  8. The University of Melbourne, Australia provides resources for writing, speaking and publishing.
  9. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides tools and guidance for diverse academic writing.
  10. Established by Andy Gillett, it provides academic English resources needed by higher education students. The teaching materials cover listening, speaking, reading and writing, and present them in many ways.
  11. Contents include: self-study textbooks of various styles, as well as including tips for writing general articles and reports.
  12. Contents include: self-test of common academic words and grammar, discussion of examples of academic writing, ten key points of academic writing and other resources.
  13. Built multi-field and multiple academic terminology, the content covers more than 60,000 terms in 9 dictionaries and more than 100,000 bilingual terms. It is a professional information query website with a total of more than 1.4 million records.
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