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English Proficiency Test

  1. The Cambridge University English Test Institute is designed to assess the four comprehensive English communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing who intend to study in English-speaking countries, immigrant or workers.
  2. Organized by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), it is an academic English test for universities and research institutes who wants to apply to the United States, Canada and other regions.
  3. An English proficiency test designed for non-native English speakers. The topic design is workplace-oriented and includes English-language materials for workplaces around the world. For many domestic and foreign enterprises and schools, TOEIC series of tests are used as the standard for evaluating the English proficiency of talents.
  4. The English proficiency test developed by LTTC is used as an evaluation tool for admission and selection. It is divided into five levels according to the level, and the test results can be used by schools, public and private institutions in Taiwan to refer to the English level of the subjects.
  5. Aptis can quickly and accurately evaluate the English proficiency tests of schools, enterprises and individuals, covering listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  6. It is mainly provided for use by domestic colleges and universities, and is tailored for the study and employment needs of domestic colleges and universities students. The purpose is to understand the current situation of college students' English ability, track their English learning results, and give feedback to the teaching of English courses in colleges and universities, linking testing, teaching, and learning, so that a positive cycle can be formed between the three.
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