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Future Plans

By dedication of Sister Marie Gratia Luking in 1956, Providence University, hereinafter referred to as PU, was well established and desired to be internationalized on education from local disciplines. In recent years, PU has been proactively directing its disciplines toward Language Fundamentals, Professional Guidance, and Global Mobility. In addition, to reach higher level of internationalization and to stand against the predicaments due to competitive university recruitment, PU also seeks for academic exchanges and collaborations with educational institutions overseas.
In order to achieve the ultimate educational goal that emphasizes learning and sharing without national boundaries, PU maintains its strength and values by continuously cooperating with its international partners for academic purposes and forming its campus. When it comes to global challenges, PU expects to build an environment where its staff, faculty, and students are able to equip themselves with global sense and core competence of certain fields of expertise and capable enough of dealing with them. Moreover, PU also expects to attract elite local students and foreign students through a variety of approaches by establishing English mediated undergraduate and graduate programs. Simultaneously, the Foreign Language Center, FLC, and the Chinese Language Education Center, CLEC, of Providence University are responsible for intercultural sharing and learning, including cross-country scholar visitation and lecturing, encouraging students to study overseas, forming the cultural context between local students and foreign students, and strengthening the language proficiency of the staff and the faculty of the school so that they can be linguistically able to absorb information from international conferences.
Specifically, International College, hereinafter referred to as IC, integrates the academic and disciplinary resources from different countries and different fields of specializations and helps the faculty and the students of the school develop their language proficiency that is shared internationally and professional and intercultural communicative ability. The focus of IC development will be dispersed in three directions:

1.  Language Fundamentals:

  • To enhance the effectiveness of English mediated teaching and learning;
  • To offer the curriculum of professional English and international negotiation;
  • To be certified as a regional language test center.

2.  Professional Guidance:

  • To set up degree-based programs for international students;
  • To assist other departments in PU to obtain qualification of international curriculum;
  • To promote international program for dual degrees

3.  Global Mobility:

  • To train the faculty and the students with intercultural communicative competence of the relations between international academy and multinational business.
  • To increases students’ motivation to practice internships in multinational corporations, and to facilitate participation as a volunteer in international organizations.
  • To gain more access to develop industry-university cooperation across countries.
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